Your Go-to Guide for Yankees-Themed Outfits

The New York Yankees are one of the most loved American professional baseball teams. Winning twenty-seven world series and humiliating their competition has helped them bag the support and affection of baseball fans all around the globe. The 47 brand is a baseball merchandise brand having apparel and hats of fan-favorite baseball teams.

With baseball season around the corner, every game enthusiast is looking for ways to support their favorite team. Well, there is great news for all the Yankees fans out there. The trendy 47 brand hat is the perfect go-to accessory to add to your outfits and show your support for the team. The men’s fashion guide below showcases different ways you can style these hats with everyday apparel to look the most stylish out of all the other fans.

47 brand hat

Varsity Jackets          

Varsity jackets are all the new rage right now and for all the right reasons. These jackets were a ’90s staple and are finding their way back into modern fashion. Pair them up with your favorite Yankees baseball cap and it will make up for the perfect game-watching outfit or even an OOTD picture you can post on your Instagram.

Tip- if even the varsity jacket is Yankees themed, it will add more finesse to your outfit.

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants used to be a staple for workmen but because of their utility as well as the modern look, it is finding their way into everyday fashion as well. Pair it with your favorite t-shirt or even a varsity jacket to show off your fashionable side. Add the 47 brand Yankees hat to show your support for the team.

Tip- if the pants are a little baggy, your outfit will look even more trendy

Oversized sweatshirts

Oversized sweatshirts are perhaps the most hyped article of clothing these days. They are not just comfortable but fashionable as well. The best part about them, they are unisex! The next time you go to watch a game with your spouse, wear matching sweatshirts and caps to turn it into a fun date.

Tip- try to get the sweatshirt and cap in the same color to make your outfit more coordinated.

Sweat Shorts

If you want a chill outfit, always go for a pair of sweat shorts paired with your favorite 47 brand hat. Sweat shorts are casual as well as comfortable, a deadly combination. They are new in the fashion world but buy yourselves a pair and see for yourself, they are worth every penny.

Tip- go for either black or red sweat shorts, they look the best in those colors.


Hoodies had to be included in this list. They are a generational favorite and as comfortable as a hug. Hoodies are so popular that now, they are available in every size, color, and logo. Perhaps the most inclusive article of clothing ever. It looks good on every age group and gender as well.

Tip- buy a basketball cap with the Yankees logo printed on the brim so that you can show your support even with the hood on.

Denim Jacket

Going with the ‘90s theme, a good old denim jacket is a wardrobe staple. Every person should have that. The best part is how good they look when wearing it while watching a game. Denim jackets are sustainable and durable, perfect for a rough night of watching the game. They go so well with the 47 brands Yankees hat in blue color.

Tip- if the jacket has a fun print on the back, you will stand out in the best way possible.


Just because sweatpants are the comfiest thing ever does not mean they belong only in the sheets or a weekend stay-in. If styled correctly, even sweatpants can look really trendy. Pair a plain pair of sweatpants with a printed t-shirt/hoodie and the 47 brand Yankees hat. This outfit compliments every body type and is a go-to streetwear fav.

Tip- grey sweatpants look the best. They are comfy and stylish.

47 brand Yankees hat

Graphic Tees

A fashion list cannot be completed without the mention of graphic tees in it. They are comfortable and make it look like you put an effort into your outfit, even if you have not. Nowadays, you can get any kind of print printed on your tee. Some of the favorites are tie-dye prints, anime characters, movie quotes, etc.

Tip- pair a neutral-toned baseball cap with graphic tees to make the outfit look subtle.

Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans are the new it-item in the fashion world. Even though skinny jeans flatter the body, baggy jeans really add oomph to a regular outfit. With the basketball season around the corner, you will surely see rows and rows of men rocking the look of baggy jeans. Want to stand out? Pair them up with your favorite Yankees-themed cap!

Tip- buying a pair of jeans is hard. You should not go for too baggy in terms of jeans as they may look unflattering and skimpy.

Khaki Pants

Speaking of lowers for the game season, khaki pants had to be incorporated into the theme. These pants look professional and anyone willing to look more mature should definitely go for these. Khaki pants are environmentally friendly as well (so you would be supporting two good things that day). Got a game right after work? Don’t worry because these pants have your back.

Tip- go for red or other bright colors when opting for the optimal baseball cap to go with the outfit to add a pop of color.

That concludes our list of men’s fashion apparel. People think men don’t have that many choices when it comes to fashion but that is not true. You should just have a good eye and don’t forget to incorporate the 47 brands Yankees hat in these outfits to look your best while supporting the best team.

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