The Inception of ‘Athleisure’ – Bridging the Gap between Sports & Fashion

The fashion universe is constantly evolving. While some trends are passing fads, others stay for decades. But amidst the everlasting emergence of fashion trends, the appeal of casual attire remains in the spotlight. This style has remained a showstopper ever since its inception. And now that the recent generations are happy to follow this style, enter its updated concept – athleisure.

Introducing the Concept of Athleisure

The change in street styles has altered the fashion senses of individuals. You can spot a woman wearing leggings, sports bras, and crop tops while a man feels comfortable in his hoodies, sneakers, and sweatpants.


Everyone looks as if they have finished working out in the gym while grabbing a coffee, meeting friends, or heading to a shopping center. This lifestyle emphasizes an important thing – people are in dire need of comfortable clothes.

Representing a casual and athletic style, athleisure brings its own share of comforts to the fashion universe.

Athleisure implements a sporty lifestyle by curating stylish and casual elements in outfits. It’s nothing new in this fashion industry and is a common practice today.

If you note down its global revenue (more billion dollars) in 2019, you will understand how popular this trend has become. Thus, it’s time to get an insight into the diverse and fast-growing universe of athleisure. Here’s why fashion brands implement this style to develop influencer marketing.

One’s desire for a multifunctional wardrobe gives rise to this major trend. The demand for style, comfort, and performance in footwear and clothing has encouraged customers to shop more for activewear.

If you think you also want to embrace this style, there are different brands to choose from. As a beginner, you can buy the best clothes from a reliable brand. Get your favorite activewear via Jordan clothing for sale.

INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT BASKETBALL JERSEYHow And Where Did The Concept of Athleisure Originate?

Athleisure is sports performance clothing & footwear blended with fashion design influence & sports features. Athleisure clothes get worn for exercise, training, sports, and even casual wear. The trend is all about the casual feature of activewear.

Athleisure originated in the US. Due to the coffee culture (the art of stepping out of the gym and hanging out with friends in a café), this trend has got more popular. Now, the trend seems to outperform the overall clothing. Many markets overseas are there, where athleisure wear tends to be a new concept. Nonetheless, there are greater opportunities for all brands to operate overseas with this trend.

Who Shall Choose This Type of Clothes?

The active wearers of the athleisure range from 16 to 30 years old. Individuals who feel young from the inside out also choose these clothes. Given the importance of fitness in this modernized world, even older adults choose these clothes from popular brands.

Regardless of gender, embracing the athleisure look has already become a fashion statement. In fact, it’s a fast-growing trend that has witnessed more popularity amongst women of today’s generation.

Marketing Athleisure Clothes: Best Moves That Prominent Brands Make

Prominent clothing brands have successfully started leveraging the athleisure trend. They increase their sales figures by displaying products to audiences. The maximum of marketing comes down to the online and in-store experience. They offer flash sales and other exciting discounts on these clothes. Take the example of Jordan. Currently, you will find Jordan clothing for sale. Get your favorite comfy pair of shoes and pair them up with a casual hoodie or jacket.

Athleisure Trend – A Passing Fad or a Permanent Fashion Spotlight?

As discussed already, the athleisure trend is no passing fad. But whether it will stay as a permanent spotlight element in this fashion universe is debatable. Today, people are more conscious of sustainable living. They think of their wellbeing more and want to opt for a sustainable wardrobe solution. This is what makes the athleisure trend quite evident to stay in this fashion world.

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