How to Build a Man’s Capsule Wardrobe?

Watching your favorite fashion blogger create that perfect capsule wardrobe is so intriguing. So, you also want to have your own personalized capsule wardrobe – don’t you?

What exactly is a capsule wardrobe? And how will it benefit a perfectionist man? A capsule wardrobe is a collection of sensibly selected fashion essentials. One chooses these fundamentals in such a way that they can be mixed and matched to create a stylish outfit.

The best part is that each item (or accessory) in a capsule wardrobe is multi-functional. It means that you can wear them in more than one outfit. Now, how can it benefit a man?

Well, building a capsule wardrobe will resolve fashion dilemmas that men undergo every now and then. Such a wardrobe always has an outfit ready for any occasion.

What Makes a Man’s Capsule Wardrobe?

You need to learn certain rules before building such a wardrobe. Here are the fundamental features of these wardrobes.

  • Classic & Timeless Design

A great wardrobe centers around classic and simplistic styles. Take the example of a white T-shirt, a navy-blue blazer, and dark wash jeans.

  • Versatile Pieces

You must own versatile pieces that complement your formal attire and casual clothes. Take the example of a jacket. Choose one such jacket that’s appropriate for your work as well as on a date.

  •  Focusing on Core Colors

When the discussion is about capsule wardrobes, versatility is the key. So, include classic and timeless fabrics & plain or neutral block colors. Ensure to choose each clothing accessory and versatile piece to wear with more than one outfit.


What Should You Include in a Man’s Capsule Wardrobe?

Collecting clothing items and accessories for your capsule wardrobe is a delicate job. You must ensure that you have these basics:

  • Outerwear

Outwear can be a heavier-weight clothing item or a stylish denim jacket. You can also choose an overcoat or a bomber jacket. Whatever you choose, ensure that you have a great piece. The trench coat is an excellent place to start.

  • A Couple of Button-up shirts

A few men don’t like the appeal of a dress shirt. For them, here are some tips for combining a button-up shirt excellently. You can combine it with a leather jacket & a pair of denim jeans. This way, you can complement a casual look. Try collecting white, black, navy blue, and light blue button-up shirts. You can also think of including some oxford shirts and blend the style well with your formal pants.

  • A black suit

The black suit is fundamental in your wardrobe. Elevate your styling statement by choosing a simple yet sophisticated back suit. Alternatively, you may also choose a blaze to wear over a casual T-shirt. Combine it with denim jeans for something and flaunt a casual style.

  • T-shirts

T-shirts are an excellent addition to your customized capsule wardrobe. So, get a sophisticated T-shirt from Vans clothing for sale. Ensure to choose simple designs of T-shirts. Take the example of a crewneck T-shirt! You can dress it up with almost anything in the closet. Choose neutral shades that you can pair with almost anything – blue, black, brown, white, and gray.

  • Knitwear

Knitwear is significant in the capsule wardrobe, specifically for colder months. Select pastel shades that are eye-soothing. You can choose shades like gray, beige, cream, black, yellow and camel. Having both a crewneck and cardigan pullover or sweater allows for a multitude of outfit combinations. You can also upgrade your cotton sweatshirt to cashmere or merino hoodies.


One quick note: Cashmere has a high loft that makes it softer. On the contrary, merino wool is sturdier and resists pilling effectively. Merino needs less care in washing, while cashmere is more luxurious.

  • A Couple of Denim Jeans

It’s best to choose jeans pants in shades like dark blue, black, and mid-blue. And what’s best recommended is to avoid including ripped jeans and splatters. Simple jeans will last longer than denim jeans.

  • Accessories

Before you select a belt, ensure to alter the pants. Select a fashionable yet simple belt that should make the outfit look more polished. Lastly, a capsule wardrobe is incomplete without footwear. So, select a pair of classy shoes. Don’t forget to choose a pair of vans shoes for men besides your regular choices.

So, to help unleash your inner fashionista, we have put together some basics of creating a capsule wardrobe for men. Know more about our online portal at Here, our dedicated Beminiml web team handles our loyal customers’ questions and orders.